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Talenthouse Case Study

DC Fandome 2021

Look How We Smashed it!

Service Offered:

2 x Open Briefs

The Big Wins


500K Relevant Community Members

16.8K Submission,with impact in 117 Countries

What We Love to See

We’re one step closer of merging fan fiction with real story telling

The Story

We worked with Warner Brothers and the DC team to engage and connect Creatives and fans from all over the world to produce one of a kind artwork that showcased the characters that make up the DC Multiverse. The artworks were used for social content, capturing the unique characters, storylines and overall excitement that DC fans feel for this interactive digital event!

How we engaged our community of Creatives: 

  • Social posts and stories across Talenthouse, Ello & Zooppa IG, Twitter and Facebook, promoting the brief directory to 2.5M followers globally
  • Newsletter feature to over 500K+ relevant Creatives around the world
  • 1-2-1 outreach to 8K Creatives, who previously engaged with TLNT × DC projects

This collaboration produced an impressive 16.8K pieces of diverse and quality artworks, from Creatives across 117 countries.

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