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Talenthouse Case Study

Bombay Sapphire: Stir Creativity

Look How We Smashed it!

Service Offered:

Open Brief - Talenthouse

The Big Wins

1,100 Submissions

54,000 Page Impressions

£11,500 paid to creatives

What We Love to See

Diversity and high-art experimentation got a global stage with this project.

The Story

Bombay Sapphire knew that they should come to Talenthouse for some powerful imagery. They tasked our community to create stunning artwork that brings to life ‘Stir Creativity’, taking visual cues from, and incorporating the beautiful and iconic blue Bombay Sapphire bottle.

Over 1,000 creators got experimental with illustration, graphic design, or mixed media to tell the story in a beautiful, visually inspiring way.

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